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Apr. 25th, 2009



[lock from Hank]

Oh wow....um....is this one of those TV movies where you play a prank on someone and then something bad happens to teach you a lesson?  If so...then I guess I learned my lesson.  I promise to never pretend to be a girl and be someone's girlfriend when I'm not a girl.

There.  I said it.  Change me back now.



Apr. 4th, 2009



I've decided that, since I'm such a burden to certain people, that I'm going to do them a favor and just leave since I'm not wanted anyways.  I left you a note in my room too, but since I'm sure you'd never find it, I'm posting this too.  Maybe one day, years from now, I'll stop by and see if your life was better without me. 

Goodbye forever.


Mar. 8th, 2009



I think I'm starting to get kinda addicted to the internets.  I keep finding all these pictures with kitties on it and they're SO true!  It's like these people really understand.  So, I've been saving my favorites and keeping them so I can look at'em later....I've saved a lot.  This is one that I found recently and was wonder....do YOU agree with it? 

I mean, I'm really, really cute...so does that mean I'm really, really guilty?  Even when I haven't done anything wrong?  Or is it pre-emptive cute so that I don't have to look cuter once I DO do something wrong?  What're your thoughts?

Jan. 17th, 2009


(no subject)

Soooo...um....a couple of you may have noticed that I haven't quite...."been myself" in recent weeks.  The occasional moodswings, extremely irrational behavior, mildly frequent drug use, etc.

Well, Dok tied me down, figuratively and literally, and gave me an examination and....I'm apparently hitting puberty.  After being around for some 40-something years, it's finally hit.  He doesn't know why it took this long to start and he doesn't know how long it'll take to end....or how extreme it'll get between now and then.  So....yeah.....this is a preemptive "I'm sorry".

Oh!  There is one kinda cool thing about this whole puberty thing.  I GOT MY FIRST CHEST HAIR!!!  It's totally awesome and long and curly!  I think I'll name him Hansel.

Dec. 26th, 2008

in trouble

(no subject)

pIckles is the BEST MOM EVAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!  wait....okya....i thought my feets was gon agin.  i culdnt feel em.  OH GOD I FEEL SO GOOD!  i wanted to go an give him a hug but wen i tried to go poof, i ended up outside.  it aws funny.  the guy in da hood brought me back in tho....his name was URGENSHUPERMEIER...it's not what he said, but i didn't like it so i gave a ne w one.

damnit, i keep not feelin my feet....i think they tryin to scape.  ew.  i jus drooled on the pooter again.  i wanna cookie a million cookies and ice cream and donuts and totato chips and...my ear's itchy.  heh heh...it won't stay still......

dok needs to marry pikles faster so he can get more nip.....i gottta take a dump  brb

okay....what was i duin/  i'm sleepy    i wanna pony

Dec. 2nd, 2008

smexy talk

War...what is it good for? A WHOLE LOTTA FUN!!!

Alright comrades!  As of this moment, to prepare for the upcoming battle, I am militarizing the FLA temporarily so that we can annihilate our enemies and show them the power of FRIENDSHIP!!!

Anyone on my team that was not already a member of the FLA prior to now has officially been drafted.  That's right, regardless of physical condition or mental stability.  Uncle Schrodinger wants YOU!  Unfortunately, our effectiveness will not be at 100% since I am not allowed to...well...just show up> on the other team's side and kill them all.  Therefore, we will have to rely on our superior cunning and overwhelming cuteness to see us through!  Also, since I AM the leader of the FLA, proper military strategy insists that everyone else stand in front of me to insure that morale remains high.  This is a sacrifice that I'm willing to have you make, but know now that it is all for a good cause.

Now, who wants to be my second-in-command....and get to stand directly in front of me?

Sep. 19th, 2008


I'm So Sorry.....

I'm really, really sorry everyone.  I honestly didn't mean to drug you all and I know you all probably just hate me and I understand.  I promise to never, ever cook anything again.

I'm the worst friend ever...

Therefore, I'm officially removing myself as leader of the FLA and leaving them in the capable (and responsible) hands of Trianna.  May you all continue your work in making the world a better place....I promise I won't mess things up for you.

[private]  Damnit...I hope tears and snot won't mess up the keyboard.... [/private]
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Sep. 18th, 2008


Cookie Time!

I'm making my rounds to everybody's house (except for Rummy, since he and his puppy don't like me) and delivering my own, personally made sugar cookies (yes, Rummy and his puppy still get cookies...cause I'm sweet like that).  I made them as a thank you for the really good time I had at the pirate party as well as the really neat time we had on that other boat.  I wanted to take advantage of the cameras to promote the FLA, but Dok said that it wouldn't be wise and wouldn't let me.  [private] Never...get...to do...ANYTHING [private]

So if you're walking around and happen to run into a plate filled with Deee-Licious sugar cookies, you know who to thank.  And I need a volunteer to take Rummy and the pup their cookies.

Secret IngredientCollapse )

Sep. 9th, 2008


FLA is Born!!!

Rejoice all who feel sad, alone....or both!  No longer must you suffer the needless pain of neglect and solitude.  I, Schrodinger, have come to you with the answer...the Friendship Liberation Alliance!!

Our philosophy is to end all the suffering in the world by making everyone friends by association through ME!!!  That's right!  Once everyone has become my friend, people will no longer fight each other because they'll know that their enemy is also my friend...and hurting my friends makes me cry.

And no one wants to see that, do they?

I have already gathered quite a roster of devout FLA followers.

Leader - Me!  (Obviously)
Second-in-Command and Uniform Design Specialist - Trianna Orpheus (she was my first convert!)
Third-in-Command and Head of Cookie production - Kim (cookiiieees!)

Department of Research and Development - Dean Venture and Kevin French (they're smart!)

Uniform design staff - Uryu Ishida

Head of Defense - Jan Valentine (he can beat people up)
Head of Finance and Head Scratching sub committee - Luke Valentine (he gots moneys)
Head of SiA (Schro is Adorable) committee - Fujiko  (she thinks I'm cute!)
Head of Medical Division- Dok (um....duh?)
Head of Big Guns - Rip Van Winkle (I'll find you something better if you want)
Department Head of Homunculus Conservation - Greed

Entertainment committee - Pickles and his band (we gotta whole band!  take that Army!)

If I have not given you a position or you wish to join me in my righteous quest for oodles of friends, let me know!  Oh, and one more thing...


Sep. 1st, 2008

smexy talk

My Arrival

So, this is the thing that I've been hearing so much about.  Hm, seems a bit overrated if you ask me, but it might prove to be worthwhile.  If the Major was talking about then there has to be SOMETHING to it. 

Well, I guess this'll be my introduction.  The name's Schrodinger...though I will allow really cute nicknames if I like you.  I also reserve the right to give everyone else a fitting nickname of my choosing.  So...here I am!